1. What is VAIGA?

VAIGA is acronym for Value Addition for Income Generation in Agriculture. VAIGA is India’s premiere International Workshop and Exhibition of Value Addition, Processing and Income Generation Technologies, Innovations and Opportunities. VAIGA is organised by Government of Kerala with the support of Government of India, Central and State Government Research Institutions, Public sector undertakings and other organizations in the field of Agricultural Development. VAIGA is facilitating showcasing of the most modern value addition , processing and income enhancing opportunities for agri-preneurs. VAIGA is a major event to know the latest trends in food processing , packaging technology and interact with international experts from the different spectrum of value addition of various agricultural commodoities.

2. What are the programmes of VAIGA?

As a part of VAIGA , international workshop will be organised at the venue to showcase modern technologies in value addition, processing and marketing of agricultural commodities as per the theme of VAIGA. Along with international workshop an international exhibition of success stories in the field of value addition technologies, machineries for value addition, stalls of various research institutions of Central and State Governments, various public sector undertakings, model co-operatives etc will be organized and farmers can interact with these experts.

3. Tell me about different editions of VAIGA?

First edition of VAIGA was organised during 2016 at Kanakakunnu Palace, Thiruvananthapuram with main focus on value addition prospects of Rice, Coconut and Banana. Second edition of VAIGA was organised at Kerala Agricultural University Campus, Thrissur with focus on value addition prospects of Coconut, Banana and Honey. Third edition of VAIGA is scheduled from 2018 December 27th to 30th with main focus on value addition prospects of Fruits, Flowers, Spices and Vegetables at Thekkinkad Ground, Thrissur.

4. Who are the major participating organisations?

Department of Agriculture, Kerala Agriculture University, CPCRI, CDB, SAMETI, SFAC, Horticorp, VFPCK, SHM, KLDC, KSCDC, Kerafed, Plantation corporation, Oil Palm India Ltd, Rubber Mark, KAMCO, Ware Housing Corporation, RAIDCO, Marketfed, State Farming Corporation etc are the major participating organisations.

5. How to register stalls in VAIGA 2018?

Go to VAIGA website www.vaigakum.com and click on registration link from the top right menu and fill and submit the form after making payment through VAIGA Bank account.

6. How to register for Workshop/Seminar in VAIGA?

Go to VAIGA website www.vaigakum.com and click registration link from the top right menu and fill and submit the seminar registration form.